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fiftyfiveUP is a free monthly online magazine put together by people with a social conscience aimed at informing and sharing information relative to sense of purpose, motivation and the overall wellbeing of us and the beautiful planet we inhabit.


fiftyfiveUP has been designed as a community platform where those over 55 years of age can simply enjoy what has been written or use it to share their own particular experiences.


Our team of content creators are passionate about what they do and are eager to share your inspiring stories, pictures and videos here on these pages as well as providing their own insight about the topics that interest you the most. Everything you see here is original content put together by regular people for regular people. 


Self-funded, we are an independent and reliable voice in the online magazine world not influenced or financially supported by a host of "money men or women.”

We regularly feature editorial relative to mental and physical health issues, exercise and recipes. Please be aware that our editorial team are not medical professionals. Before you embark on any form of exercise, diet, medication or lifestyle change please seek an opinion from your healthcare provider.


Tony Talbot (Founder).


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