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Do a little now, gain much for a lifetime!
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Words by Tony Talbot

Until two years ago, I had never thought of taking part in Yoga or Pilates. I have questioned the reasons as to why not and in all honesty, it was probably jaundiced by my own fragile ego on the back of what I thought more manly training regimes such as Judo, Rugby and Football, experienced in my early life. I genuinely thought that these "gentle" Eastern exercise routines were best suited to ladies wanting to do a bit of stretching with their mates amidst wafts of incense emanating from a corner of some village hall. However, that sexist, arrogant and ignorant attitude was soon snuffed out following my second 40 minute Pilates lesson when I realised that this "girly" stuff was actually really tough and very challenging if you wanted to do it correctly. I also discovered just how much my body and in particular my arthritis, benefited in a relatively short time, particularly as a result of regular stretching exercises. Rethinking my diet back in 2018 has also had a significant effect on my life. Cutting back on the booze and becoming a vegetarian, or pescatarian to be precise, has more or less seen 30 years of IBS suffering come to an end. If what I have done in terms of nutrition and exercise seems to you just too radical and too much hard work, let me tell you that it isn't. Getting off meat was a struggle, I still like the taste of meat but I know now, for me personally my digestive system cannot tolerate it. Similarly with alcohol, I love Gin, adore good whisky and great larger, unfortunately my bathroom scales and liver do not; and when you hit 16 stone and are only 6 feet in height, things have to change.

I am not advocating that every guy over the age of 55 should become a tea-totalling veggie, growing your own lentils and cooking everything in a WOK whilst wearing a bandanna and listening to Leonard Cohen.

I am certainly not saying that you should spend every hour of every day putting yourself through bendy-hell adorned from head to toe in florescent Spandex in front of a £50 an hour Yogi!


Your investment in healthy eating needn't be expensive or boring

these pages, I have gained an even greater insight into "looking after oneself". They are experts in helping you with your diet and exercise without impacting greatly on your time, your tastes or your pockets. I still partake of a large gin on a regular basis and still occasionally "pig out" on food. However I am now 14 stone with a resting pulse rate of 54 beats per minute and a regular blood pressure reading of 128 over 76. Please take time to have a look at Gemma and Sam's input, it will not take long. Explore their insights, videos and podcasts. Let us know your thoughts regarding your experiences here whether good or bad. What can we do to make your experience better?

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Who of us cannot spare 10 to 20 minutes a day especially at the moment? C'mon!


Sam Benthall, Health Coach

You are what you eat, what you drink what you think. The benefits of healthy eating are obvious, are they not? So why do so many of us men ignore the advice. A balanced diet is important for many reasons, not least to ensure you have enough energy to keep active throughout the day and maintain a healthy weight.


Ensuring you have the relevant nutrients in your diet for growth and repair will also help you to stay well and prevent diet-related illness. For many of us, life just seems to get busier and busier. From the moment we wake up until the moment our heads hit the pillow, we’re rushing to fit everything in. That’s why so many of us neglect our health. We just don’t feel like we have the time to shop and cook from scratch, let alone exercise or meditate!

Sam's fast track to fitness

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