A Week in Paper Pants
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Testing undercarriage leakage absorbers

By Tony Talbot Head Teste

It is a horrible thing to think that you may one day you may have to cope with incontinence. I will never admit it when it happens even if a torrent of the warm steamy stuff breaks through my reinforced gusset causing havoc with my beige, adjustable waist-band, stretch chinos whilst I am out in public. It will be a bladder infection if anybody asks. Serious enough to cause concern, believable enough as I am of that age and nowhere near as embarrassing as the " I" word. You know the one, starts with I and ends in ONTINENCE. However, there is no getting away from bloody statistics is there. They have got a stat on everything once you get past your 60th Birthday.  If you are not one of the 80% that will go bald you will be the 1 in 6 that will end up spending around £15 a month on haemorrhoid 'push-upperers' or 'squeeze onnerers."