Photography Nathan Cripps-Talbot


The Artist that is Mr Nolon Stacey

Words by Tony Talbot

When the great mathematician Albert Einstein was asked by a journalist whether he liked to draw or paint as an escape from the constant sequencing of numbers, Albert not known for his sense of humour was rumoured to have quoted,  "I am enough of an artist only to draw freely upon my imagination." So I guess that whilst good at sums Alby wasn't too clever when it came to the more manual of creative pursuits, and you would expect this to be the case wouldn't you because surely one discipline uses totally different parts of the brain to that of the other? However, just think of the name Leanardo De Vinci and that theory is well and truly blown out of the water.



Contrary to belief the creative right side of the brain is used by both mathematicians and artists but in differing ways. The right of the brain predominates in artistic types whilst the same part is used by maths bods but only for the creative aspect of the whole which brings us nicely on to Mr. Nolon Stacey, an English Artist that I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time a couple of months ago that coincidently has a mathematics degree; and if evidence were needed that artistic flair and mathematical exactness can co-exist in the same cerebral matter, Nolon's work is a fine example of such.

I make no excuses, I love Nolon's work, it is as unique as the spelling of his Christian name. Whilst his art is highly analytical and graphical the essence and soulfulness of the subject matter are not lost in the exactness of his pencil and charcoal strokes. To me, he strikes a near-perfect balance between form, detail and being! 

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Photography by Nathan Cripps -Talbot

Artistic freedom

Despite never having any formal art training, Nolon has been drawing all his life. As a child, it was a passion he followed throughout school, and after taking a different turn to gain a degree in Mathematics from The University of Warwick, he soon returned to drawing. He began by specialising in human portraiture before moving onto sketching dogs. After a few years, he decided it was time to move onto a subject that would give him more artistic freedom and so began drawing the local wildlife.

Gaining inspiration from living in the Yorkshire Dales and the picturesque surroundings and varied wildlife around him, Nolon has gone on to create a large portfolio of work of both domestic and wild animals as well as stunning landscapes.

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Working as a full-time artist based at his gallery in Masham in North Yorkshire, Nolon exhibits throughout North Yorkshire, attending many shows and exhibitions in the area.

About the gallery

Opened in April 2013, The Nolon Stacey Gallery is both a gallery and working studio for Nolon. The gallery stocks Nolon's original pencil and charcoal drawings, as well as the entire range of limited edition British wildlife prints, open edition dog prints, greetings cards and drawing tutorial books.

Other Artists

In addition to stocking the entire range of Nolon's portfolio, The Gallery also shows off some fine examples of work created by Yorkshire's finest arts and craftspeople, including ceramicist Elisabeth Bailey, sculptor John Rattenbury, and British bird artist Gareth Watling.

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I knew we would get him smiling eventually.

I wanted to finish off with a quote from Nolon that I have taken from his webpage. Please, wherever you are in the World take time out to look at his wonderful work.

"Pencil artwork can easily be seen as a basic form of artistic impression but I believe its simplicity to be the main attraction. Working solely with a pencil, subjects are reduced down to their basic tone and texture, making it a deceptively complicated discipline. Despite drawing all my life I have still spent the last 10 years developing these skills to be able to present to people my unique style.”

— Nolon Stacey


52 Market Place. Masham. North Yorkshire. HG4 4EF. England. The United Kingdom. +44 (0)1765 688859