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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Research indicates consistent and regular workouts improve your body and your mind whilst decreasing the chances of contracting some dread awful disease. So again I ask, "why do so many guys shy away from physical activity?" After all, it is not that it will take up a huge amount of your time, especially in retirement.

The experts say you should take part in physical exercise at least 3 times a week at 30 minutes a time. Having just used my computer calculator, I make that a total of 90 minutes a week out of the the 10,080 minutes available. So fellas, any excuses regarding time constraints are invalid aren't they? Could it be financial barriers, or lack of results having tried, and in your mind failed before? If we are talking of affordability, this site is free to view and share, the Yoga and Pilates Videos are also free, so until you get really proficient and seek more comprehensive coaching, the guides to exercising on ffUP will not cost you a penny. If it is the case that you have tried an exercise regime already and consider yourself to have failed, I urge you to get a training partner of the same standard as yourself and work together in motivating each other. I certainly do not want to come across as patronising, but we all know that CHANGE does not come easy to most of us. The effort and discipline that goes into adopting and continuing with a new exercising regime is significant, no matter how little time you allow for it. I know that like me, there will be some of you out there who have experienced the initial pain of stretching and bending parts that haven't felt a bend of a stretch for the best part of twenty years and also the dreaded doms as a result of over doing it. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.)

DOMS is the culprit that has us lying in bed the next day experiencing the aching pain in muscles we never thought we had. Do you think that if muscle tiredness and the after the effects of post exercise could be reduced, maybe more people would think a little more positively about getting involved with exercise, would you?


There is much written about how to mitigate the effect of DOMS including wearing high compression clothing. There are also many an expert promoting certain drinks that may help in at least reducing the amount of pain endured. One of these "remedies" to after-workout pain is Tomato Juice of which there is much scientific proof that drinking the liquid of said red and round repository of goodness prior to exercise reduces muscle pain and fatigue. However, please be aware that there is also scientific evidence that tomatoes can exacerbate certain types of arthritis, so always check with your doctor if in doubt.

The Pain

It may sound obvious that pain experienced both during and after exercise comes about from the simple fact that you are stressing the body over and above what it is normally used to. The more you consistently exercise, the more your body adjusts to the effort with less pain and discomfort resulting. Let's face it, most of us want to increase our level of exercise and what our bodies can by definition endure, so our muscles naturally undergo all kinds of stress with the more effort we put in to our routines. Our cells and central nervous systems are similarly affected particularly by a deficit in oxygen in the bloodstream. Oxidative stress happens during exercise because of an imbalance and changes to your bodies functionality. Once again and simply put, your body is being ordered to do something it is not used to. This is also where we experience that horrible lactic acid build up where no matter what we try and do, the body refuses to bed told what to do whilst hurting more and more.All the research indicates that Tomato Juice definitely helps to alleviate the stress whilst improving our ability to work longer and harder with less pain.

A glassful during and after

We all know that tomatoes are actually a fruit, however I believe we should call them vegetables as we cook and prepare them as we would most veg. You even eat them like a vegetable in the main. The secret ingredient of the humble tomato is of course Lycopene. Yeah, you knew that already didn't you? There are many natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances out there but few that also offer up such a "fix" when it comes to enhancing performance whilst helping with health. Try drinking tomato juice before you exercise and see how it helps with your efforts and the softening of the pain you would normally endure after working out. Important factoid is that Lycopene is found in many other fruits and vegetables.

Helping with those torn muscles

I could go on and on about Lycopene and tomatoes and how utterly fantastic they are as part of an exercise diet but it would be very boring and technical, so I will finish on this note. Regular exercising results in small tears in the muscle groups, this is unavoidable. The tears are microscopic and an essential part of muscle growth. Drinking tomato juice before exercise can increase the speed of repair to those damaged muscles which will be of great help when you are exercising at least three times per week. As we get older we definitely require a greater amount of recovery time between training sessions. As a road cyclist living in the Yorkshire Dales where this is no such thing as "Down Hill", I will take all the restorative and regenerative help I can get. Oh, and before I forget, tomatoes are great in helping with the prevention of heart disease. Good luck with the training. Give it your best.


Tomatoes are one food rich in Lycopene as mentioned. . . but there are a few more that you should get down you to assist in better health. Be aware though, these guys are high in fibre and a natural diuretic, so watch out for the increase in bathroom visits, as they can be a bugger when out shopping.

  • Papaya

  • Watermelon

  • Pink grapefruit

  • Guava

Tony Talbot

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