About Us

fiftyfiveUP is a free monthly online magazine put together by people with a social conscience aimed at informing and sharing information relative to sense of purpose, motivation and the overall wellbeing of us and the beautiful planet we inhabit.


fiftyfiveUP has been designed as a community platform where those over 55 years of age can simply enjoy what has been written or use it to share their own particular experiences.


Our team of content creators are passionate about what they do and are eager to share your inspiring stories, pictures and videos here on these pages as well as providing their own insight about the topics that interest you the most. Everything you see here is original content put together by regular people for regular people. 


Self-funded, we are an independent and reliable voice in the online magazine world not influenced or financially supported by a host of "money men or women.”

We regularly feature editorial relative to mental and physical health issues, exercise and recipes. Please be aware that our editorial team are not medical professionals. Before you embark on any form of exercise, diet, medication or lifestyle change please seek an opinion from your healthcare provider.



Story Teller and Writer

Ex Rugby tight-head prop and former model, Nigel's penchant for writing upbeat, inspiring and humorous stories is well known. 

Nigel has worked for many organisations and is much respected in the Print Supply and Graphic Arts sector regarding his knowledge of media and applications thereof. He is a native of Northampton where he lives with his gorgeous family, 

Wife Lisa and children Sam, Charlie and Harry.

An avid reader, cinema goer and junior rugby coach, Nigel spends most Sunday's and National holidays leading his Local Morris Dancing Team around the various festivals in the UK. He loves his music with his favourite artists being John Denver, Dolly Parton and Gilbert O'Sullivan.



Writer, Presenter and Marketer

Writer, presenter and all round bon oeuf, Mark does his best to avoid mainstream things, not a fan of football, Robbie Williams or beer, his comfort zone is managing technology rather than people.

His views are formed from a multitude of influences from his childhood as a Pastor’s son living in an old folks home to training as a printer, managing youth training schemes and latterly marketing big lumps of technology for a Japanese multinational.

For the rest, father of three, husband of one and recently appointed  grandad he’s here https://www.facebook.com/sparkystep


Yoga and Pilates Teacher

“Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self.” Bhagavad Gita. Gemma sees herself as a catalyst in helping her students to live a fulfilling and healthy life through thinking, eating and moving in a better way. Outside of that she loves dancing, trekking and listening to music from The Gipsy Kings to B.B.King and many other artists in between.  After 20 years of working in a corporate business environment, she leaped into the world of health and fitness working with children initially . From there came the specialisation of working with people in their "middle years" the best of that part of their lives from a health and well-being perspective through Yoga and Pilates . Originally from Barcelona, Gemma is now settled in Hertfordshire where she lives a very happy and fulfilled life with her husband and takes great joy in supporting her local community in Redbourn despite her incredibly busy schedule.



Tech & Online Geek

Based in a small burrow on the Merseyside Riviera, Duncan has been involved in both technology & writing technical word globs over more years than he cares to count. One of the last professionally trained Morse code operators in the UK, he ended up playing with lots of techie kit all over the place, once even being severely reprimanded by the KGB after a Russian military helicopter jaunt. Since then he’s supported lots of small businesses with their IT and Cyber-Security.


These days he concentrates on Internet geekery, writing, photography as well as tinkering with electronics & lasers.


He’s married to Bridget, a Mental Health Nurse but remains unsure whether his status is patient or husband. Fittingly, Duncan also has an interest in psychology and how humans interact with technology. Dad of one, he prefers to be fuelled by real ale, pizza & coffee and is allergic to horses, cats & traffic wardens.



Writer, Trainer and Presenter

Mark is the author of Uncle Bob Builds a Boat - an industrial parable about teams and projects. Fast approaching retirement, he is a regular sailor (none of his boats were built by a Bob) although living in Coventry means it is not as often as he would like. He is a director of Hunmoco, a business consultancy focussed on facilitating teams to achieve their full potential. He has worked for many other organisations in a variety of sectors - his daughters describe his knowledge as 3 sentences about anything.

Mark is married to Melanie and they have 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren who keep them active. When not working or sailing Mark has done the occasional (very short) triathlon and is a regular member of his local church.



Trainee Counsellor and Psychology  Undergraduate.

Darcie is a trainee therapeutic counsellor and psychology undergraduate with seven years in the field of counselling and psychology behind her. Whilst not fifty five up, Darcie is interested in the way that we all think, whatever our age, and takes a person centred approach to the human psyche. Essentially, she believes that through empathy, honesty and a non-judgemental view of the self and others it is possible for men and women of all ages to get to know themselves, their loved ones and their wider community better than ever before. Being the daughter of a "fifty five upper" and the wife of a man who one day will be, Darcie is keen to shed light on important every day issues of identity and life changes from a psychological perspective. Enjoying the great outdoors, forays into history and the home comforts, Darcie has both an old soul and a bag of new tricks

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Health Coach

Sam Bentall is a health coach and nutrition advisor. After a twenty-year career as a BBC Radio Presenter, Sam discovered running in her mid-forties, which changed her life completely. She went from being over-weight and exhausted, and by her own admission, “a bit of a coach potato” to running fifteen marathons and three ultra-marathons over the last ten years. She became so passionate about health and fitness that she retrained as a health coach and now helps other people to find their way to a healthier, happier life. She lives in Liverpool with her husband, two teenage sons and a Border Collie called Mojo - who makes a wonderful running buddy! She loves cooking, growing her own vegetables and is struggling to learn classical guitar. She lives in the hope that she will one day be able to play a piece of music all the way through without making a mistake!



Finance Specialist

David joined right at the start of the fiftyfiveUP venture. He is  married with 2 young children. His hobbies include Golf (amateur to say the least!) and he is an avid Formula 1 racing fan and all-round petrol head. 

DD very much enjoys going to motor circuits to watch the races and of course, he is a massive 'Lewis' Fan! When not working, golfing or watching F1, David really enjoys spending time with the family on days out, cycling, walks and socialising with friends.

He is a Partner of Boag England Financial Planning LLP. As a partner practice of St James’s Place Wealth Management he has access to an unrivalled level of support, knowledge and resource to ensure accurate, interesting and important information is available to you via these pages.



Founder, Writer and Photographer

Founder and driving force behind fiftyfive Up, Tony's greatest loves after wife Maria and daughter Darcie Mae are Cycling, Music, Rugby Union, Boxing, photography, writing and GIN! His tastes in music can at best be described as eclectic, ranging from Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and James Brown through to Led Zeppelin, Puccini, David Bowie and Prince, but definitely not Robbie Williams or the other turnip Noel Gallagher! Tony's ambition following his 66 birthday is to continue via the magazine to get as many people healthier than they currently are and to get the people of the world to try and love one another; and then it is on to climbing Alpe D'uez sur son vélo.